Project/Program Management

Simply stated, there is no replacement for experience. When you opt for VAST Management Corp., your company will benefit from an impressive 25+ years of hands on experience. Thanks to our proven track record leading large-scale, complex, global initiatives, you can trust us to help your organization achieve quality results on budget and on time.

Your key projects should not be left to chance; they should only be led by credentialed Project Management Professionals (PMP). Not only are we credentialed, VAST Management Corp. leverages Project Management Institute (PMI) standards, processes and methodologies to ensure the success of all of your projects.

PMI Processes include:

Initiation — Defines and authorizes the project.
Planning — Describes how the project will be managed.
Execution — Helps the project team work together to complete initiative.
Controlling — Checks the progress of the project and corrects problems.
Closing — Formally closes each phase or the project and receives approval of the project work for the phase or project.

Opt for VAST Management Corp. and Receive Specialty Knowledge in Nine (9) Certified Project Management Areas:

  1. Initiation Management
  2. Scope Management
  3. Time Management
  4. Cost Management
  5. Quality Management
  6. Human Resource Management
  7. Communications Management
  8. Risk Management
  9. Procurement Management

Over the past 25+ years, we’ve managed a broad-range of global initiatives, technological solutions and products including:

 PKI  VPNs  Voice/PBX  Anti-Virus  Data Centers  Content Filtering  Software Delivery  Routers/Firewall  COTS Applications  Asset Management  Wireless Corporate Liability  LAN/WAN/Wireless Networks  Custom Application Development  Information Security Products/Solutions

Our Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) leadership can help your organization establish and maintain a solid security program focused on meeting data confidentiality, integrity and availability objectives.

Our IT Security specialties include the following KEY areas:

♦ Security Assessments ♦ Internal PCI Compliance Audits ♦ SOX Compliance Audits ♦ Intrusion Detection Systems and Monitoring ♦ Perimeter Security and Firewalls ♦ Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) ♦ SSL VPN ♦ Content Filtering ♦ Policies and Procedures ♦ Security Awareness Programs

We are dedicated to providing you the solutions you need. Please contact us today to learn more about how we can assist you with project management.