PMO Practice

If your organization launches numerous initiatives, then portfolio management and the highest project management standards are essential. This is where VAST Management Corp. comes in.

VAST Management Corp. can help your organization develop a Project Management Office (PMO) capable of defining and maintaining, project standards, tools, and procedures for all of the following:
 project management  metrics to monitor project performance  portfolio management and oversight to assist with capacity/resource planning.

Our goal is to make sure that all these endeavors are executed optimally. We will support your organization regardless of whether you are starting from the beginning or already have an established PMO that you are seeking to improve.

Four (4) Key Benefits of Establishing a Project Management Office are:

  1. Measurable overall project performance improvements via support and guidance
  2. Economies of repetition by implementing standardized processes and tools
  3. Greater opportunities to initiate corrective actions in a timely fashion by utilizing metrics and performance management tools
  4. Ability to better manage project pipeline and resource capacity

Please contact us today to learn more about the benefits of a Project Management Office and how VAST Management Corp. can take your business to the next level.