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Newark School of the Arts




Newark School of the Arts (NSA) provides high-level training in the performing and visual arts. Since 1968, the school has offered instruction for everyone with an interest in the arts regardless of age, talent and financial resources. NSA is a family and community oriented school that has served 38,000 individuals since its inception, and provides education for 500 students each week.

The school serves children from age four to senior citizen through long-term sequential training that often contributes to lifelong learning and professional careers in the arts. Many additional students have benefitted from individualized instruction and became successful in other fields of endeavor. Through the emphasis of comprehensive arts education, all students are given opportunities to perform and exhibit in formal and informal settings.

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Venettes Cultural Workshop

For over 34 years, Venettes Cultural Workshop has acted as an integral source of mental, physical, and spiritual development for the New York community. Their Dance, Charm, Voice, and Drama Divisions have assisted generations of students in earning academic, dance, and musical scholarships, and have helped focus their minds and spirits, in addition to boosting their self esteem.

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