Human Capital Audit


VAST Management Corp. is partnered with Taylor Protocols, Inc. to provide your company the service of a Human Capital Audit™, which is a full day, onsite evaluation that includes a Core Values Index™ assessment for every employee. The focus of the audit is to determine the current level of efficiency in each department. This is facilitated by a detailed review of current staff and their Core Value structure in relationship to the work that is required of them. Analysis and conclusions will be presented in a final prescription for the CEO, outlining how to use everyone at their highest level of contribution to propel the company forward. Strategic action items will be designed that drive revenue and reduce costs. The CEO will be intimately involved in the process, including a pre-audit briefing, shadowing the interview process, the closing prescription meeting and 30 & 60 day progress follow-up.


CEO Briefing

Our facilitators adopt the mission of the company as the CEO discusses the company’s challenges and opportunities, with particular attention to “at risk” individuals and “Sacred Cows” – those things that the CEO deems off-limits.

CVI™ Training

All participants will learn how the Core Values identified in the CVI™ reveals their own personal “Human Operation System”, how each person is uniquely wired – what energizes them and what debilitates them, correlating with their potential highest and best contributions to the world around them. Each individual is shown how to:

  1. integrate underutilized strengths
  2. identify their highest and best contribution to the company
  3. lift others to their highest and best contribution
  4. become a more effective representation of who they really are, both personally and professionally

Departmental Interviews

Participants are grouped by function (i.e., sales, administration, etc.). Facilitators learn from each group the expected contribution of each person/position, functional responsibilities and essential tasks involved. In the process, facilitators will learn who are the best performers and the “real” contribution from each position. The CEO is encouraged to shadow the facilitators during the departmental interviews to “see what we see.” However, the CEO will be asked to leave the room for a time to encourage more candid responses from the group. This process reveals opportunities to increase efficiency in every position analyzed.

Final Prescriptions

This “closed door” session with the CEO usually yields the following:

  • New dollars that can be obtained by a few simple changes.
  • Changes to the flow of work that increase efficiency. Typically, these changes yield a 30-40% increase in margins.
  • Opportunities to simplify systems and processes already in place.

Prescriptions are deliberately limited and specific – giving the company the opportunity to increase its growth model in weeks, not months. It is not uncommon to experience 4 to 5 times ROI in the first couple of months following the Human Capital Audit™.

Taylor Protocols has proven that aligning people with work tasks correlated to their wired-in Core Values Nature™ turns the 80/20 principle on its head. Our years of turn-around management have taught us how to go after available financial opportunities vital to saving companies. You are encouraged to contract with our affiliate Executive Coaches who are trained to support this process, assisting with changing management needs and providing specialized coaching for any team member.

The Core Values Index™

The Core Values Index™ (CVI™) is a revolutionary human assessment that provides a description of the innate, unchanging nature of an individual, which is different from personality and behavioral based assessments. This unique instrument takes ten minutes or less to complete, and provides a highly accurate and reliable picture of the core motivational drivers of any person, with an instant report, online.

The CVI™ is the only human assessment that uses strategic and tactical values in a forced choice format, to gain unequivocal insight into the innate nature of the person. Since the CVI™ is comprised of only positive values, no such negative disclosure is required, and no context is provided. The CVI™ provides a 94% repeat-score reliability, year over year. Other assessments typically provide reliability between 60% and 80%.

This is several orders of magnitude improvement – which shows that not only are we capturing the innate, unchanging nature of people, but also that the instrument is accurate and valid.

Core motivational drivers cause a person to want to make a contribution in a certain way.

This deepest, internal-self also prescribes the behaviors and work that serve to develop self esteem, causing people to subconsciously desire a situation that offers them the opportunity to make the highest contribution possible.

The CVI™ has revealed a new level of understanding of human nature, at the deepest of levels and how the conscious and subconscious mind works. It is the foundation of a new way to achieve what Abraham Maslow called “full self-actualization” and what we call “Core Values Consciousness”.

The CVI™ provides a wonderful basis for a deep conversation in a very first meeting with someone. The person sees immediately that this is serious work, and knows what to expect in either a personal or working relationship.

The difference between the CVI™ and other tools is that the CVI™ measures innate preference (suitability) rather than ability or adaptability. It helps people focus on identifying what satisfies or fulfills them about the work they do, rather than on determining whether or not they are capable of doing the work